Clear is a state that has never before been attainable in Man’s history. A Clear possesses attributes that are fundamental and inherent but not always available in an uncleared state, which have not been suspected of Man and are not included in past discussions of his abilities and behavior. The Clear is:

  • Freed from active or potential psychosomatic illness or aberration
  • Self-determined
  • Vigorous and persistent
  • Unrepressed
  • Able to perceive, recall, imagine, create and compute at a level high
    above the norm
  • Stable mentally
  • Free with his emotion
  • Able to enjoy life
  • Freer from accidents
  • Healthier
  • Able to reason swiftly
  • Able to react quickly

Happiness is important. The ability to arrange life and the environment so that living can be better enjoyed, the ability to tolerate the foibles of one’s fellow humans, the ability to see the true factors in a situation and resolve problems of living with accuracy, the ability to accept and execute responsibility—these things are important.

Life is not much worth living if it cannot be enjoyed. The Clear enjoys living to a very full extent. He can stand up to situations which, before he was cleared, would have reduced him to a shambles.

The ability to live well and fully and enjoy that living is the gift of being Clear.